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You Want to Experience Less Pain, More Energy, and Greater Life Balance Today!

I am pretty sure you are here because you are in emotional or physical pain and people don’t seem to be listening and understanding you. Am I right? If that’s you, then you have come to the right place.


When family, friends, even a few doctors don’t seem to “get” what you are going through, it just adds to your pain and frustration. And, if someone important to you doesn’t believe you are going through as much pain as you are, that can make you really angry because it seems to invalidate not only your pain but your honesty.

Or, maybe it's on the job, your boss, your clients, your board, your subordinates, they just don't get it. They just want you to perform without complaining about your stress and physical pain and stress.

Or maybe you want premier concierge services for highly successful individuals.  Your time is valuable and privacy imperative. Commuting to psychotherapy appointments round trip with parking can take two hours or more in the middle of the day. And a therapy office is not really private. With concierge services you get fast access to appointments, convenient services from your home or office, flexible appointment times, HIPAA secure video conferencing and the compassion you deserve.


I said you have come to the right place. I could have said you came to the right person. I know what it is to live with stress and/or pain constantly. I am a busy professional, a neurosurgery survivor and pain therapist. I wanted to find out everything I could about my stress and chronic pain, so I studied the science of pain for years, everything I could get my hands on. The result is I have made my problem your solution. I provide evidenced-based alternative and integrative sessions using a combination of Talk therapy, Tapping (Energy Psychology),  Self-compassion Meditation, Guided imagery, Gestalt experiential, Coaching and other techniques and services to help you feel better.     



If you're here, it's probably because you are in physical and emotional pain. Maybe the people who love you don't seem to listen or understand. Am I right? If this sounds familiar, then you are on the right track.
When doctors, family, and friends don't seem to understand what you face, your pain and frustration can mount. When someone you love doesn't believe you're in pain, it can make you angry because your feelings and honesty are invalidated.
Or maybe you're struggling with your clients, your boss, your subordinates, or your board. They don't understand. They want you to excel without mentioning your physical pain or stress.
Perhaps you need premier psychotherapy services because you are successful, with valuable time and a need for privacy. Commuting to psychotherapy can take two or more hours when you incorporate parking and traffic. Therapy offices aren't necessarily private, either. Concierge services offer you quick access to appointments and other convenient services from your office or home. You'll get HIPAA-secure video conferencing, flexible appointment times, and plenty of compassion.
You have come to the right place. I could say that you have found the right person. I know what it's like to face constant stress and pain. As a busy professional, neurosurgery survivor, and pain therapist, I understand. I wanted to learn everything I could about my own chronic pain and stress, so I studied everything I could years. I have made my problems your solutions. I offer evidence-based integrative and alternative sessions that combine talk therapy, tapping (energy psychology), guided imagery, meditation on self-compassion, Gestalt experiential psychotherapy, coaching, and other tools that can help you feel better.
On top of that, you don't even have to leave your home or office -- therapy convenient for you! 
No traffic, no one seeing you go to a therapist’s office, no insurance bills or diagnosis, complete privacy.
Truly private practice
It doesn't have to be complicated.  Psychotherapy helps because experiencing compassion and empathy works.
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