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I Think I Know Why You are Here!       


You Want to Experience Less Emotional/Physical Pain, More Energy, and Greater Life Balance Today!
Frontier Integral Energetic Life Dynamics, LLC ®

I am pretty sure you are here because you want to be happy again!  You want to find emotional wellbeing!  

Maybe you are in emotional or physical pain and people don’t seem to be listening and understanding you. Am I right? If that’s you, then you have come to the right place.


Talk to someone who has been there.  I offer  telephone therapy, HIPAA secure chat or video.  No driving, no parking, no insurance and mental health records available to healthcare facilities.  Private and Convenient.

Whether your pain is physical or emotional, from fibro or from a relationship, get started on your recovery today.I provide evidenced-based alternative and integrative sessions using a combination of Talk therapy, Tapping (Energy Psychology),  Self-compassion Meditation, Guided imagery, Gestalt experiential, Coaching and other techniques and services to help you feel better.     


Truly private practice

It doesn't have to be complicated.  Psychotherapy helps because experiencing compassion and empathy works.
Jan Warner LISW-S Painologist
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