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 Consider participating in a 12 week online study offering free help for people with Fibromyalgia.

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  • Fibromyalgia, Chronic Fatigue and Chronic Pain are commonly encountered, disabling conditions. Usually chronic pain is invisable and brings with it fatigue, depression, anxiety, headaches, poor concentration and frustration --not to mention the throbbing muscle aches, the insomnia, the agony.  And we want others to know it is real. Infact, one might expect society to accept it as real . . . but often it isn’t the case.

Employers, disability care providers, family and friends have a habit of “pushing back” against the reality of these afflictions. This attitude has a tendency to stigmatize the people that suffer from them, making it difficult for them to be taken seriously, and to have the will to seek the treatment they need.

A fascinating study available to the public by 23andme.com reports that supportive therapy proved better than many medications typically prescribed for Fibro.

No wonder everyone is confused!
Medication alone is no longer the sole solution! Try another solution, try working with someone who cares and who has been there -- personally experienced the invisible anguish of chronic pain/fatigue.
Do you feel embarassment when others see you using medical equipment?  
Do you feel ashamed that you are not accomplishing your personal, developmental, relational goals due to chronic pain?  
Do people second guess your situation when you use Handicapped parking and other options?
I provide evidenced-based alternative and integrative sessions using a combination of Talk Therapy, Self-Compassion Meditation, Tapping (En
ergy Psychology), Guided Imagery, Integral Consciousness, Coaching and other techniques and services to help you feel supported in your journey to feel better.

Also, you may want to check out learning "self-compassion meditation" which we could try together. For a fascinating list of medical research outcomes of meditation go to


Or maybe you want premier concierge services for highly successful individuals.  Your time is valuable and privacy imperative. Commuting to psychotherapy appointments round trip with parking can take two hours or more in the middle of the day. And a therapy office is not really private. With concierge services you get fast access to appointments, convenient services from your home or office, flexible appointment times, HIPAA secure video conferencing and the compassion you deserve.


Use your 'down time' now while you are working on healing your body to reduce your other, non-pain related issues. A strong rationale exists to improve on the medical model of pain management and develop fast-acting, useful bio- psycho social spiritual (coaching/psychotherapy)  interventions for pain and associated  sorrow reduction. Bio psycho social spiritual are really just fancy terms to mean integrative care (mind body spirit). This is combination of traditional and alternative methods to reduce chronic pain and chronic sorrow by dealing with older family/significant other issues or by dealing with current, frustrations such as career issues. This means that you do continue to work with a medical provider for traditional choices of improving your life by participating in objective tests, by taking prescribed medications if you and your doctor decide to use them and so on.

However, f
or a more bio psycho social spiritual solution, you may look outside of your own psychology and biology. A model such as that  helps you look at all your features --  your mind, body, spirit and your deepest self, your thoughts your moods; and also the people in your environment, the people in your social system, school/work place, community and the medical system or systems in which you are trying to find wellness. 

 For mood and sleep problems, what about medication vs psychotherapy?

Research strongly supports the use of medication for stubborn depression, anxiety and sleep issues. I am aware of the research linking neurotransmitters and synapse activities to persistent symptoms. I am not against medication for any condition for which the patient believes it is helping and a physician is prescribing.  However, it also is established that the long-term solution to mental and emotional problems and the pain they cause cannot be solved solely by medication for some individuals. This is why the integrative approach is so helpful! Instead of just treating the symptom, integrative therapies addresses the cause of our distress and the behavior patterns that curb our progress. You can best achieve sustainable growth and a greater sense of well-being with an integrative approach to wellness.  Working with your medical doctor you can determine what's best for you, and in some cases a combination of medication and therapy is the right course of action. 
TAKE ACTION! http://www.warner.breakthrough.com


RESOURCES for a larger field:
Chronic Pain Anonymous Service Board, a 501 (c) (3) non-profit corporatin. For meetings: http://www.chronicpainanonymous.org

For Modern residential care  
Click here to download a copy of the Pain Recovery Program brochure 




 *Frontier does not provide crisis intervention nor immediate phone or video services. Services are rendered by scheduled appointments rendered with Concierge services within 48 hours. If you are in need of crisis intervention prior to an appointment, please call  the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline at 1-800-273-8255 (TTY:1-800-799-4TTY)




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